Construction will design a professional presence for your business online following this proven 6 step formula: 


1. Consultation & Development

No one knows more about your business than you do. Our development specialists will consult and work with you to establish what you require out of your Web Site. We will then concentrate on the most effective presentation to meet ALL of your requirements. The third stage of consultation and development is finding the most attractive way to present your business on the Internet.

More Than 14 Million Canadians Are Using The Internet
(Jupiter Media Metrix Canada)

2. Web Site Design / Theme Establishment

We will incorporate our own custom graphics with any past/present marketing, promotional and advertising campaigns you have used, are using or wish to use to establish a theme for your Web Site until your are fully satisfied with the results.

Almost 50% Of ALL Canadians Have Comparison Shopped Online
(Angus Reid Surveys)

3. Web Site Programming

Depending on your requirements, we will provide complete scripting, linking, text placement, formatting, database creation and other features. A key element of the programming stage is creating pages that are "search engine friendly". It is very important that search engines index the pages of your Web Site. This is made possible by effective preparation, optimization and pre-testing of web pages for search engine submission.

If You're Not Out There, Chances Are Your Competition Is

4. Testing and Corrections

Before your Web Site is ever viewed on the World Wide Web, we will ensure that every element is performing perfectly and that you are completely satisfied.

More Than 70% Of Small & Medium Sized Canadian Businesses Use The Internet

5. Search Engine Promotion

How effective is having a Web Site no one can find? We incorporate both manual submissions to the most popular search engines/directories and programmed submissions to hundreds of other widely used resources including search engines, directories and site indexes.

Business To Business E-Commerce Projected To Exceed $40 Billion In 2002
(Retail Council of Canada)

6. Web Site Updates / Maintenance

Whether your Web Site requires continual updates or an occasional modification, we provide complete updating and Web Site maintenance based on your specific needs.

Canadians Spend More Time On The Web Than Any Other Measured Country
(Jupiter Media Metrix Canada)

Pricing Information

As all Web Sites and client requirements differ, the cost of designing a web site ranges depending on those requirements. Factors to consider include the amount of graphic creation and preparation involved in setting up your Web Site for display, the amount of information intended for the Site, special programming requirements, scanning, image availability, distinctive web server features and other additional factors. 

For a quote or arrange for a FREE consultation please contact us at (416) 650-0666
Toll Free at (877) 991-9968 or send an e-mail to Web Site Creation


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