Construction is more than just Canada's largest online directory of its kind. We also provide complete Web/Internet related services. Web Site Design, Web Site Alternatives, Web Site Hosting, Banner Promotion and much more. Incredibly effective and affordable packages designed to meet your specifications.

Please note that Construction is pleased to offer FREE Consultation and FREE Estimates for all of our Services. We really do believe that the future of our business lies in the future of your business and want to help in selecting the package that is right for your organization.

Web Site Design

Our Web Design team will create the most effective presentation to meet ALL of your requirements. We will register your Domain Name, design and build your web site, register your site with all major search engines and more. We also provide complete re-tooling services to make an already existing web site more efficient and effective.
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Construction offers ultra-reliable, full service hosting solutions you know you can trust. Your Web Site is the "Contact Point" for the rest of the world and only a company that offers 99.99% uptime will do! We're proud to offer you that assurance.
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Not quite ready for the www. in front of your company name? Maybe you have a Web Site that could use a little tweaking? Then you'll want to consider one of our alternative programs. We can develop an eye-catching avenue of promotion that can make your company's information available 24 hours a day via Construction We can also take an existing Web Site and revitalize it.
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Our Portfolio

Construction is responsible for designing and building Web Sites for companies both within our focal interest and outside of it. Our Portfolio section features not every project we have completed, but a variety from basic to complex to better illustrate your options. In addition, we also provide Logo Design services appropriate for a wide variety of applications.
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Construction has developed a series of sponsorship programs designed to increase/generate traffic to your Web Site. Our banner campaigns enable some sponsors to become the "dominant" sponsor of a specific page or location. Having a Web Site is half the battle. Getting people there is the other half. These are valuable components for a successful Web Site.
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