Construction is responsible for designing and building Web Sites for companies both within our focal interest and outside of it. Our Portfolio section features not every project we have completed, but a variety from basic to complex to better illustrate your options.

Whatever your needs may be, our Web Design team will create the most effective presentation to meet ALL of your requirements. Through consultation we will use a step by step development program and prepare a number of alternatives to try and pin-point an appearance you prefer and are pleased with. 

Below are some samples of both Web Sites we have had the pleasure of developing and some of the logo work our art department is responsible for.
Web Sites

I want to hear about your beefs with ROGERS, product or service related. Do you think their customer service staff is a bunch of idiot robot monkeys? Let me know. Do you get the feeling their installers are no brighter than a small appliance bulb? Put it in an e-mail and send it to me. Feel free to express yourself. Iíll be posting your rants as they come in.

This was a bit of a challenge for us because the Marcine Group of Companies wanted 1 all inclusive Web Site to properly profile their 3 individual companies.

Here again, 1 Web Site that required covering 2 different product lines, essentially 2 separate companies, an exterior finishing system and interior finishing system.

Here we had to design 2 separate Web Sites with 2 unique URL's but connect both of the sites. Completely successful using a "pointer" on our server and the client only pays for the hosting of 1 site, but actually has 2 unique Web Sites.

This was our first opportunity to build a Web Site for a company outside the realm of building, construction or renovations. This company provides nutritional, health and fitness programs for corporations and individuals. They chose one of our easy to work with Templates and loved the results.

For this site, we were contracted to create a logo for the company and take all of the photographs used on the site. The client loved it and continues to see the benefits of the World Wide Web.

Very extensive. A lot of pictures and graphics and numerous sections and sub-sections for this Web Site. "Thumbnails" were the way to go and the site came out great.

This is the 2nd Web Site built with the Quarra Coatings Site (above). To meet this client's request, we created an animation of the bull (from their logo) breathing steam/smoke through his nose.

This client was mainly interested in having us design his company a logo, which we did. He liked it so much, he asked us to create a simple 1 page site promoting his SPECIALS. 

Logo Design
Safe Zone Security Ltd.
Extenda-Leg Ladder Leveling System
Residential Filter Exchange Inc.
Michael Levy Glass Contractor Ltd.
Mark Anthony Contracting Ltd.


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