Construction offers ultra-reliable hosting solutions you know you can trust. Your Web Site is the "Contact Point" for the rest of the world and only a company that offers 99.99% uptime will do!

Let's Get Technical

Most people just want the comfort in knowing that their Web Site is up and running and is accessible. No problem, we're proud to offer you that assurance. 

However, there is much more to providing "ultra-reliable hosting solutions" that will meet your needs. Construction provides a high-end, clustered UNIX environment which provides a solid foundation and support for all of the latest and best Internet technologies, including Microsoft FrontPage 2000 extensions, SSL, SQL and streaming media. Windows 2000 service is also available for those specialty professionals who need access to MS SQL, custom DLLs and other Windows-specific technologies.

Hosting Packages

As in the case of Web Site Design, Hosting requirements differ from client to client. Our Hosting packages are designed to supply you with what you want and need. These packages range to offer:

> Between 5-Unlimited MB disc space
> Between 5-30 GB traffic
> Between 1-Unlimited E-mailboxes
> Unlimited autoresponders, aliasing and forwarding
> Between 20- Unlimited FTP accounts
> Full 24hr FTP Access
> Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
> FrontPage 2000 extensions
> cgi-bin
> Configurable MIME types
> Static IP
> Perl 5 Support
> Web statistics (site performance, traffic reports)
> Access to Raw Log Files
> Daily Backup of Files
And more…

If you are not familiar with technical aspects of Web Hosting Services and/or need more information about our Web Hosting Packages please feel free to contact us at (416) 650-0666, Toll Free at (877) 991-9968 or send an e-mail to Web Site Hosting

Pricing Information & More

STOP OVERPAYING! Chances are we can host your site for as low as $19.95 per month. That includes 99.99% up time, e-mail addresses, complete traffic reports and much more.

If you're paying more than that, take one minute out of your busy day and call or e-mail us. We can give you a FREE INSTANT QUOTE.

Contact us TODAY at (416) 650-0666, Toll Free at (877) 991-9968 or send an e-mailto Web Site Hosting


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