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Cementech’s Top – Cem is easy to apply on all types of flat surfaces where flat service is required.

This is an easy to use – mix, pour and spread – self-leveling and self-finishing high strength cement-based dry mix composition, containing special, modified water dispersible polymers with selected silica sands, and proprietary additives.

This is an innovative cementitous underlayment / overlayment dry mix composition to resurface old, worn, deteriorated, rough concrete surfaces such as offices, mezzanines, apartment buildings, private residences and ideally suited for
radiant floor heating systems.

It can also be used for repairing patios, pool decks, driveways and to decorate existing substrates in good condition such as concrete, terrazzo, wood, ceramic and quarry tiles.

   "The versatility of our products is limited
only to the imagination"

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