According to "Jupiter Media Metrix Canada", more than 14 million Canadians are using the Internet AND Canadians spend more time on the Web than any other measured country. What better way to get your online message to them than on Construction, Canada's trusted & largest online directory of its kind?


Remember that if you're not on the Internet, chances are your competition is. So even if you think you're not quite ready for your own ".com", please consider one of Construction's innovative alternatives? If you are ready for your own ".com", Click Here for Web Site Design Information

Reach your audience - the people with purchasing power - with a Construction DataSite.

Click Here To See A Sample DataSite

Your company's custom built and maintenance free "Web Site" located here on 
An economical and effective alternative to having your own ".com" 
Complete site design and construction from 1 page - Unlimited 
We will register your DataSite with all the major search engines 
Professional design and maintenance
Your Web Address -
Create a Partnership Program to Generate Income and Sell Banner Ads on your DataSite.

Pricing Information 

As all client requirements differ, the cost of designing a DataSite ranges depending on those requirements. For a quote, more information or arrange for a FREE consultation please contact us at (416) 650-0666, Toll Free at (877) 991-9968 or send an e-mail to DataSite Creation

Web Site Re-Tooling

Do you have a Web Site that loads slowly, doesn't show up on the search engines, needs updating, looks stale or just isn't getting the results you expected?

Stop Worrying.

Construction - the name that you can trust - provides complete Web Site re-tooling services. Get the results you want and the functionality you expect out of your Web Site. We know how the search engines work and we know what it takes to get you properly indexed, so the people looking for you - will find you.

Update or overhaul your existing web site 
Professional services for improved results from Search Engines 
Cosmetic and editorial changes to improve and update 
Increase visitor's time spent on your site 
Incorporate new features - online forms, e-commerce, etc. 
Your site registered with all the major search engines 

And please STOP OVERPAYING for Hosting Services! Click Here For More Information

Pricing Information

For a quote, more information or arrange for a FREE consultation please contact us at (416) 650-0666, Toll Free at (877) 991-9968 or send an e-mail to Web Site Re-Tooling.


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